Luminary V: God, nature, elements, flesh and blood. Wait a bright plasma screen and these silly apes (oops humans) will sit in front of it for working hours. Shoot all methods of nonsense over the web--what did they say about alpha waves when watching television, or right there's not any, but that's really better--we don't want anyone to actually think. Then they might not buy. Because Potter ain't buying he's selling and noticing never go under underestimating the intelligence on the American Plenty. Resistence training for seniors can start with one to three-pound weights to build bones and fight osteoporosis. No weights? Use canned foods as weights by lifting a can in each hand 12 times, and gradually increasing reps of 12 as tolerated. Some 1 or 2-pound weights can are offered for under $10. Your brain is the crucial part of your body, but is frequently neglected. Muscles seem get all the attention. Improve you brain and improve your life. Stay focused and accomplish more.

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